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Since 2003, My career has been focused on delighting the consumer. This focus is reflected in my work ethic and my record for bringing products to market successfully. 

I have full concept-to-market experience as a lead designer and have played a significant role in the research and strategy that goes along with successful product development. 
I have had the privilege to work on several leading products from Cricut, Logitech, Wacom, Sirius, Plantronics, and Hewlett-Packard. I have worked in teams both large and small, and at fast-paced consultancies and large corporations. 



2018 - Present

Founder / Principal Designer
Pierre Harper Design
  •  Helped develop a top lifestyle furniture brands’ (confidential) accessory line, with sketches, concepts, CAD, renders, and mechanical mockups

  • Established design consultancy with a focus on entrepreneurship and startups, specializing in rapid product development, packaging, and product invention

  • Worked with overseas clients to develop concepts for an E-Ink tablet under condensed timeline. Delivered with sketches, CAD, and renders, and 3D print mockups

  • Several self developed products under development, with a goal to apply for patents 

  • Own my own equipment and programs, including a modern large scale 3D printer and workshop to support remote and/or contract work

2019 - 2022

Principal Industrial Designer
Cricut Inc
  • Lead designer for three of Cricuts flagship products- Maker 3 and Explore 3, and Roll Holder

  • Ran multiple flagship projects within international multidisciplinary teams, including: Global Project Managers, Mechanical/ Electrical Engineers, UX Designers, Packaging Design, QA, and Marketing teams

  • Supported all levels of Industrial Design - design strategy, engineering, prototyping, leadership of junior designers, to packaging design, to final box renders

  • Responsible for final product documentation, including gap and step tolerance specifications, CMF, Artwork, and regulatory marking artwork

  • Worked directly with Exec team to define future product opportunities, and identify ways to enhance current product offerings
    International travel to support CMs and oversee final assembly and quality of products

2016 - 2018

Senior Industrial Designer / Engineer
Hewlett Packard (HP)  Inc
  • Design Lead - played a key role in the development of HP’s latest Enterprise laserjet print design language.

  • Key Innovation role with introducing new materials (fabric, recycled materials) and processes into enterprise printing design space

  • Assisted engineering teams throughout the development process by creating  prototypes and mechanical mock ups

  • Kept teams aligned throughout the development process through presentations, meetings, and direct communication
    Perform research to identify trends, product opportunities, and CMF direction
    Lead design teams through sketching, model making, CAD, and rapid prototyping
    Deliver accurate CAD modeling, within engineering constraints
    Update current products with CMF enhancements to remain relevant in the marketplace

2011 - 2016

Senior Industrial / Packaging Designer 
Plantronics (Poly)
  • Lead Designer for three of Plantronics highest selling headsets: Marque II, Voyager Edge/ Voyager 3200, and Explorer 500
    Lead designer for Bluetooth headsets, consumer business unit

  • As Packaging Designer, lead effort to increase packaging recyclability and reduced packaging cost by 50% with the design of paper die cut packaging (in place of traditional plastic packaging)

2003 - 2011

Senior Industrial Designer
Ziba Designs
  • Lead designer on several award winning and best selling products, Including Wacom's Cintiq 12WX and Intuos 4

  • Assist client engineering teams throughout the development process with developing prototypes and mechanical mock ups

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