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Since 2003, My career has been focused on delighting the consumer. This focus is reflected in my work ethic and my record for bringing products to market successfully. 

I have full concept-to-market experience as a lead designer and have played a significant role in the research and strategy that goes along with successful product development. 
I have had the privilege to work on several leading products from Cricut, Logitech, Wacom, Sirius, Plantronics, and Hewlett-Packard. I have worked in teams both large and small, and at fast-paced consultancies and large corporations. 

I bring an understanding of the real-world context of how a product... 

is used that comes from 19 years of experience, an innate curiosity about how things work, how to make it work better, and a willingness to challenge convention. I’m very much a ‘hands-on’ designer, with a track record of success in finding ways to innovate, and bringing out the best in my team. I have a holistic approach to the design process- from ID to UX/UI, to packaging and market acceptance, I have a passion for all phases of design.  

wacom design_edited.jpg

​Let me help you develop your sketches, ideas, and prototypes into viable products. 

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